Springtime in Lockdown

The Springtime in Lockdown Study presented an opportunity to explore how a person’s interactions with and connection to nature could be a protective factor of wellbeing and resilience during COVID-19 lockdown. 

An online survey was conducted during May 2020 to understand what nature means to people, how they define it, and how they interact with, before and during lockdown.   The survey also contained three short form questionnaires looking at nature connectedness, resilience and wellbeing. 

I'm currently analysing quantitative data, transcribing qualitative data, and the second phase is still ongoing. 

I've attached a PDF to this page which details more on the methods I adopted.  See also my latest blog which outlines some of the early descriptive data.

For more updates please follow me on Twitter @Proper_Natter or have a read of my blog.  You could also have a wonder through the nature gallery where participants of the study shared their views of nature.